Brewbox “IPA”

Brewbox “IPA”

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“India Pale Ale“ is considered to be the rockstar of craft beers: notes of orange and apricot, a hint of honey-sweet maltiness and the crisp bitterness of hops make this American-Style IPA an unforgettable taste experience!

Contains product labels and instructions in English.

Brewbox advantages at a glance

Turn your kitchen into a mini-brewery!

With our Brewbox you brew beer on your own stovetop. Instead of unwieldy brewing gear, we provide you with a reusable 5 litre glass fermenter and handy utensils that are suitable for even the smallest of kitchens!

Brew the world’s freshest beer!

Forget extract brewing! Whoever wants to brew the best beer goes straight for real brewing malt. Our malt is vacuum packed immediately after milling to ensure that it reaches you as fresh as it possibly can be.

Your own craft beer in 5 simple steps

Our brewing guide is simple to follow, lovingly illustrated and contains essential background knowledge and many indispensable tips.

Environmentally friendly brewing

Each Brewbox is reusable. After brewing your first beer, you can use the same equipment to brew further beers using a kit from our wide selection of refill kits.

Every Brewbox contains

Every Brewbox contains: 1 packet of ingredients (brewing malt, hops and yeast), 1 glass fermenting bottle, 1 rubber stopper, 1 airlock, 1 thermometer, 1 portion of cleaning agent, 1 filling syphon, tube and clamp, 1 measuring spoon, 1 brewing guide

What you will need to supply from your own kitchen: 1 stock pot (8 to 10 litres), 1 additional large pot, saucepan or bucket (alternatively, two smaller saucepans), 1 measuring jug, 1 wooden spoon, 1 coarse-meshed sieve, 1 fine-meshed tea sieve, 1 funnel, empty swing top glass bottles, tap water

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